Product Number:6666
Color:white red
Product Description

Wall to Glass fixed bracing bar. 

  • No hole drilling required.

  • Suitable for 6-12mm glass.

  • Ø19mm diameter Tubular Brass Bar.

  • Manufactured from high quality brass.

  • Available in many attractive finishes.

  • You can purchase the components below to make the complete kit.


Special Features

Provides Fixed Panel Support for Enclosures Not Going to Ceiling.

Wall-to-Glass and Glass-to-Glass Models Available.

No holes or cut-outs are required in the glass. Simply Cut to Size to Accommodate Individual Configurations.

This Wall Mount Fitting can be moved to any desired location on the panel where a support is required.

Finishes are available to match most of our hinges, knobs, and pull handles. 




For safety purposes, use tempered glass.

The use of power tools during installation may damage the hinges and decorative hardware.

Always set the product in a suitable material.

Never exceed the load or maximum size recommended by the manufacturer.

Maintenance: clean with a soft cloth and non-abrasive soap or ammonia.

This illustration is provided for visual reference only. Actual product may differ from the illustration. Order hardware before starting the job. 

The manufacturer reserves the right to change product and information without notice. Always use the instructions inside the package.